Takagi T-K3

    The T-K3 model is one of Takagi’s most versatile and powerful residential tankless water heaters. The T-K3 has Easy-Link capability, allowing owners to connect up to four units without the use of a controller unit. The TK3 can also be converted to a direct vent model to further extend its application in residential homes.


    This Takagi TK3 tankless has a number of features that allow it to stand out from the pack.

    Compact Size: Only 13.8 inches wide, the T-K3 tankless has the ability to be recessed between wall studs for even more space savings.

    Low Activation Flow Rate: The Takagi TK3 activates at only 0.5 GPM, which allows the use of smaller water flows in bathroom sinks and showers. This is a pretty standard flow rate now for new generation tankless water heaters.

    Parallel Installation: Easy Link technology allows the T-K3 to be installed with up to three other units without the use of an additional control box.

    Direct-Vent Conversion: The TK3 can easily use a direct vent conversion to import combustion air from outside.

    Eight Temperature Settings: Some tankless manufactures have only 4 preset temperature settings, the T-K3 offers eight separate temperatures. However, if you want a specific temperature than it is required that you buy the TM-RE10 temperature controller.

    Longer vent runs: The T-K3 can have a vent pipe run up to 50 feet with five elbows, instead of the normal 35 with three elbows. This can be a great addition if your particular installation has a long vent run.


    The TK3 tankless incorporates a number of important features into one new tankless system, and should fit the needs of most high-volume residential applications. As always performance depends on the temperature of the ground water, and with winter water temperatures here in Ontario, Toronto and the Toronto region dipping to the low 40 degrees F range you can expect the T-K3 tankless to produce a flow rate around 4.1 GPM, or 246 GPH.


    Natural Gas Input Min. 11,000 Btu  Max. 199,000 Btu 
    LPG Input Min. 11,000 Btu  Max. 199,000 Btu 
    Gas Connection 3/4″   
    Water Connection 3/4″   
    Natural Gas Pressure Inlet Min 5.0″ W.C.  Max 10.5″ W.C. 
    LP Gas Pressure Inlet 8″ Min. W.C.  13.5″ Max. W.C. 
    Weight 40 lbs  Electronic Ignition 
    Dimensions 20.5″ X 13.8″ X 8.5″   
    Ignition Electronic Ignition   
    Electrical Supply AC 120 V   
    Water Pressure Min. 15 psi  Max. 150 psi 
    Manifold Pressure Natural 2.5  Propane 4.4