Rinnai Tankless

The Rinnai tankless water heater is one of the best brands of tankless systems out there. This is simply because the unit is reliable.

The specifications and features on any of the Rinnai tankless product lines are on par with all other major tankless brands, they consume similar amounts of gas, produce very similar hot water quantities, and have nearly the exact same efficiency ratings.  Day in and day out the Rinnai tankless just works, it never breaks down and that’s what makes it stand out. 

Rinnai Tankless Models

The Rinnai tankless units that are installable in Ontario are: The N and P at the end of the product code determin if they are Propane or Natural Gas

The RU98i and RU80i are both condensing units and have a energy efficiency factor at 94%

The V75i, V65i, RL75i, and RL94i are all non-condensing tankless systems with an energy efficiency factor at 82%

Tankless Grants for Rinnai


All Rinnai units available for Government grants – you can find out how much you are eligible for on our Grants Page.

Sizing a Rinnai

Why Rinnai is different:

As a consumer you simply cant purchase a Rinnai tankless and have your local plumber install it, the dealership has strict sales rules and policies in place to prevent this.  To become a Rinnai tankless dealer all of the installers have to go through special training to ensure that each and every tankless is installed within all specifications.  Yes, this is a significant factor to why Rinnai’s reliability is so high.

Its difficult if not impossible to size a tankless without first surveying the home that its being installed in, there is a rough guide that you can follow though.

  1. RU98i and RU80i – Tankless condensing units that can handle between 8 and 9.8 GPM suitable for nearly all homes.
  2. RL75i and RL94i – Very universal tankless suitable for nearly all homes, produces 7.5 GPM (may not be the best choice for larger homes).
  3. V75i and V65i – Smaller tankless suitable for smaller homes and cottages. These units produce roughly 5.0 GPM.

Rinnai Costs

Again this is nearly impossible to predict as every home is unique as well as every install.  The unknowns are installation rates, venting pipe length, venting issues, mounting locations, gas piping, water piping, etc. Rinnai tankless water heaters start at $2495 with full installation, old tank removal, and included water and gas lines extensions.