Rheem Tankless

    Rheem was established in the mid-1920s when the brothers Richard and Donald Rheem acquired a galvanizing plant in San Francisco.  Then In the 1930’s, Rheem began manufacturing water heaters as the market begain to take off.  Things progressed quickly and by 1936 they had coast to coast distribution. During the 1940s and 1950s, the company continued to grow and increase its product lines to include furnaces and air conditioners.  Further growth saw Rheem purchase a big name water heating company Ruud in 1959.  Now in the 21st century Rheem has adapted well to the emerging tankless water heater market with some great products.As Rheem in now it the 2nd and 3rd generation of tankless products the quality and build is exceptional; all of the problem areas have throughly been worked out.  Purchasing a Rheem tankless now is a safe and reliable option for your homes water heating system in the Greater Toronto Area.Tankless In Ontario

    Basically there are 4 primary Rheem Tankless systems that will work in our Ontario climate and cold winters.  First you would need to decide if you want your tankless to be condensing or not.  Basically a condensing tankless uses the exhaust gases to preheat incoming water, this nets a 10 to 12 percent efficiency increase. 

     Selecting a Rheem Tankless

     Following the ablove links will take you to each models product page where you can find out more on each units specifications or feel free to call us and have a specialist answer any of your questions you have regarding a tankless and its price. 

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