Noritz NRC83

    The Noritz NRC83 is a new condensing tankless water heater.  This is an energy star rated system that uses condensing tankless technology to create and energy factor of .92 with natural gas (.94 with propane).  This is a smaller system great for Canadian cottages and smaller Canadian homes.

    NRC83 ImprovementsNoritz condensing tankless

    • More precise burner control during low fire situation (lower water consumption)
    • Freeze Protection Software – The system is protected from extreme cold weather
    • The neutralizer has been removed to help prevent failures due to a frozen internal neutralizer

    The Noritz NRC83 utilizes a super heat exchanger that was re-engineered to increase thermal efficiency and reduce size, this has allowed greater installation flexibility due to the NRC83 being smaller in size.  The venting for the Noritz NRC83 can be either PVC or CPVC which is relatively inexpensive compared to other methods.  Plastic venting also enables longer runs of up to 62 feet.  The exhaust gases on this Noritz condensing tankless are cool enough to allow for the plastic vent pipe; ultimately saving you more money on your homes water heatering


    Condensing technology – Advanced Noritz tankless, over 92% efficiency

    Fully modulating – Automatically adjusts burner level accordingly.

    Dual heat exchanger – Corrosion resistant heat exchanger fused with a commercial grade copper heat exchanger.

    Turbo Flow – Up to 8.3 GPM

    Quick Connect – Doubles output by connecting 2 identical tankless units with a single cable.

    Direct ignition – No standby pilot light, battery backup compatable

    Temperature Settings– 12 optional settings from  100-140 fahrenheit

    Thermal fuse – Automatic overheat protection system.

    BTU – From 16000 to 157000

    Stable Temperature Control – No need for a buffer tank to stabilize water temperature 

    Electronics – Self diagnostic onboard computer system – Temp in F or C –  Service reminder can be set

    Warranty – 12 years on heat exchanger and 5 years on parts.


    Request a Home Evaluation – See if a Noritz tankless can be installed in your home.