Navien Tankless

    The Navien America headquarters was opened in 2006 to service both the US and Canadian markets. Navien is located at 20 Goodyear, Irvine, CA 92618 and can be reached through this number (1-800-519-8794).  If you have any warranty issues or troubleshooting issues it may be best to call the head office; Navien does have a great customer service reputation.

    Navien, The actual company, was established in 1978 in Seoul Korea, and for the last 30 years, claims to have produced the most technologically advanced products available. Their products are definitively on the cutting edge and the new generation Navien Tankless is a great system.

    Navien Combi-Boiler Systems

    A combi systems is exactly what is sounds like it would be, a combination tankless and furnace in one.  The amount of energy it takes to heat water is exponentially more than it takes to heat air.  Thus a combi system really makes a lot of sense.  The Navien NCB series systems have a tankless and furnace system built into the same wall mounted unit saving space and money.

    The models available are listed below, check them out and bring your house into the future of home heating and automation.

    Navien Tankless Systems

    Navien makes a great tankless that has an incredibly high 98% efficiency rating, which as of 2019 has been creeping up even higher. There has definitely been some issues with past products but Navien has solved those issues and now makes one of the best tankless water heaters.

    Here are the Navien Tankless models if you’re interested in one of the units and would like a price for either the tankless or tankless and installation click on the model you’re interested in.

    Note: The Difference Between A and S Navien Models

    The A at the end stands for ADVANCED and indicates that the tankless has a small buffer tank as well as a re-circulation pump built in. This model is capable of providing heat as well as hot water. This would be the model you would be looking to employ if you have a large home with far runs for your hot water lines.  it might also be the preferred choice if you are thinking at some point in the future you may be interested in installing a small radiant floor heating, a towel warmer, or some other type of hydronic heating then the A model should be your choice.

    Alternatively, the S model tankless stands for STANDARD and the system is designed to only heat water only. Typically the Standard or S model tankless systems are also a bit cheaper than the ADVANCED models due to the reduced components.

    Purchase A Navien

    Looking to simply purchase a standalone Navien tankless?


    Navien Combi Boiler Purchase Prices

    Combi-boilers are tankless systems and furnace in one small package!

    Navien Tankless Model Overview & Specifications

    Current Combi-Boiler Systems
    Discontinued Navien Models

    Navien Tankless Installation and Service

    We have been a Navien dealer for many years now. Their newest generation NPE-A and NPE-S are fantastic units that we are completely confident in.


    Interested in pricing out a Navien water heater?
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    Our installers and service technicians have all successfully been through the Navien school located in Vaughan Ontario. This insures that your new tankless is installed correctly and to Ontario gas and venting codes.

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