Windsor Tankless

    Looking for a way to reduce your bills this year? Well a tankless is the perfect way to greatly reduce your homes water heating bills and enhance your home value. We have been installing tankless water heaters throughout the Ontario and Windsor area for over a decade now. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure the job is done right and that you the customer are happy.

    Yes, a tankless system will be more expensive that a conventional tank type water heater but you will receive numerous advantages.

    1. Extended lifespan of 20+ years
    2. Much higher efficiency 90+ percentage
    3. Stable efficiency – a tankless maintains its high rating
    4. Wall hung, no floor space needed
    5. Unlimited hot water
    6. Easily convertible from propane to natural gas
    7. No bacteria buildup
    8. Reduced energy bills

    Windsor Tankless Costs

    How much more is a tankless in Windsor over a conventional tank in Windsor? This is hard to answer as each home is different. Typically a tankless will rent for around $30-$50 a month depending on size and model. Compare that to a power vented conventional tank that can cost anywhere from around $18 to $35 a month (size dependent). In terms of purchase price it would probably be best to call our Windsor Tankless office to schedule a free quote.

    Accurately pricing a tankless water heater is nearly impossible without seeing and measuring up the job before hand. In some situations and homes in Windsor a tankless can’t even be installed due to Ontario venting codes. This is the main reason we like to come and see each home we install a system in beforehand.

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