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    Tankless water heaters are very popular right now and more and more Torontonians are switching over to them.  A tankless in Toronto will offer several benefits to you as a home owner.  Firstly, they are incredibly fuel efficient, achieving as much as 98% efficiency, significantly higher than a conventional water heater.  Secondly, a tankless provides unlimited hot water, so fill up your jacuzzi tub, or install that fully body shower and have no issues.  A Tankless is most cases is a win win situation for any home owner looking to upgrade their current water heating equipment.


    Toronto tankless water heaters make sense as we are paying increasingly higher prices for our homes and condos.  In most cases Toronto residents spend hundreds of dollars per square foot of living space.  Installing a tankless will free up a lot of space as the unit mounts to the wall and has no storage tank that takes up space.  The space savings alone can technically offset a significant portion of the cost of a tankless.

    A common miss-conception right now is that rebates are no longer available for tankless water heaters in Toronto.  This is not correct as the Governments is not the only provider of grant money, manufactures and lobby groups have and continue to provide Toronto tankless grants.  In the past to access grants the home owner would have to complete a Home Energy Audit which allow access to $5000 in rebates. The rebates were for more than just tankless water heater systems but also furnaces, air conditioners, home insulation, etc. Unfortunately the Government program has ended but, as mentioned before, there are still rebates available for Toronto tankless water heaters.

    Toronto has slightly hard water and so it is important that you have your tankless water heater flushed once every year or two to ensure that it maintains its efficiency.  A conventional tank can’t be flushed resulting in calcium and lime buildup and further reducing the efficiency of the conventional tank.  

    If you’re having doubts about moving to a tankless, that is OK. There are other options.  In-light of all this competition from tankless systems, conventional tank manufactures have started to build high efficient storage tanks.  These new systems like the ones from HTP (Versa Series) are up wards of 96% efficient.  They not only can provide hot water but also provide space heating needs.  If you’re a home owner in Toronto and not interested in a tankless consider looking at a high efficiency conventional tank.

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