Thornhill Tankless


    Thinking of upgrading to a tankless water heater and live in Thornhill, keep in mind that if you decide to rent a tankless like many companies are offering you can STILL get the rebates that the Government is offering.  If you get a quote for your rental tankless system and there’s no mention of the rebates available make sure to question the sales person.

    A tankless water heater will provide residents of Thornhill endless hot water and plenty of energy savings.  If you have signed on to one of those fixed rate natural gas contracts prevalent in Thornhill you are poised to save some significant energy and money.

    Thornhill consists of many single detached homes and the percentage of tankless water heater being successfully installed increases substantially.  Get a free consultation for you home and see what sized tankless you should purchase, how much it will cost, and the savings you can expect.

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