Simcoe Tankless

    Why might you want to switch to a tankless?

    1. 96% efficient
    2. 20+ year lifespan
    3. Hangs on the wall
    4. Home heating applications
    5. In floor heating options
    6. Unlimited hot water
    7. Complete removal of legionnaires disease
    8. Energy savings

    We are one of the biggest tankless installers in Southern Ontario and have installed thousands of systems.   As a dealer for all of the primary tankless brands we can help you upgrade to a Simcoe tankless. We offer options to rent, buy, or rent to own your tankless water heater from us.  Give us a call and we can answer any question or fully explain the details on a tankless.

    We offer free in home consultations where our REPs can help you make informed decisions regarding your homes water heater upgrade.  Some of the things we help with include:

    • Installation Location
    • Correct tankless model and size
    • Exact price quotes
    • Options for returning or removing your existing water heater

    Tankless Payment Options

    Rental Tankless – We offer tankless systems in all areas starting at 29$ a month, this includes the system and installation. Maintain the peace of mind a rental tankless offer while enjoying 40% or more energy savings on your water heating bill.
    Purchase Outright – Our quotes are always free and include full installation, correct tankless sizing and the removal and return (if rented) or disposal of your old tank.
    Equal Payments Option – Basically a lease to own option. Choose your term length and own your tankless upon completion. Tankless water heaters have a lifespan of 20+ years so you can expect an easy payback.

    Primary Tankless Systems we Install

    Rinnai – 96% efficient – RU98i or RU80i

    Rheem – 94% efficient – 95 DVN or 84 84 DVN

    Navien – 98% efficient – NPE 180, NPE 210, or NPE 240


    Call: 647 925 1930 — Or have us call you.. fill out our form

    Benefits of a Tankless in Simcoe

    On demand or tankless water heaters are 96% efficient, so every dollar you spend to heat water 96 cents is actually used to heat the water.  To compare, a conventional tank is 55% efficient brand new and you actually lose 45 cents of every dollar you spend out the exhaust.

    Its time upgrade your water heating system and start saving money today.