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    Richmond Hill is a great little town that is currently experiencing a significant increase in its population.  This is partly due to its proximity to Toronto; only 4 kilometres north of the Toronto boundary.  Richmond Hill also has the small town charm with encompassing an ever increasing population.  The city is seeing a big growth in condo developments over the last several years.Richmond Hill Coffee and Tea

    There are some notable landmarks in Richmond Hill.

    1. Covernotes Tea and Coffee House – Located in a beautifully restored high school that serves as a central place to meet friends,  located at 10268 Yonge St.
    2. Richmond Hill Library – Beautifully designed atop a large hill overlooking Southern Richmond Hill. On clear days from the third floor you can see the CN Tower clearly.  The library also hosts a small coffee shop on the main floor where you can grab a drink and peruse though the many floors of books!
    3. The Dunlap Observatory – In a wooded area of Richmond Hill hosts a public accessable telescope constructed in 1935. At 74 inches it was the 2nd largest reflecting telescope in the world, there are much large ones now but even to this day it remains the largest in all of Canada.

    Richmond Hill is important to us as well since this one of the primary areas where we install tankless water heater systems.  Most of the homes are on municipal water supplied by the city of Toronto so a tankless works very well with little to no calcium or lime build-up.  Richmond Hill tankless never run out of hot water and only turn on when you need it

    If you’re one of the 185,541 residents of Richmond Hill and looking at your options for a new water heater or tankless system give us a call and we can help you.

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