Pickering Tankless

    Thinking of getting a tankless? We offer installation and service throughout all of Pickering for both tankless and conventional tank type systems. If you rent your water heater it’s time to move to a systems that you own, and we can give you a great deal and stop the lifelong monthly payments.

    Pickering is a great city, it water is taken from Lake Ontario and this is conducive to a new tankless as it has a relatively low dissolved solids content. Pickering has water that reduces the amount of buildup on the inside of a tankless heat exchanger. A tankless has a lifespan of over 20 years.

    Here is some quick math on owing a tankless vs purchasing one in Pickering

    • Rental
    • Tankless Rental – $39/month
    • Tankless Lifespan – 20 years
    • Total = $9,360
    • Purchased
    • Purchase Price – $3500 max
    • Savings – $5860 or more

    We offer tankless systems in Pickering installed for around $3000 plus or minus $500. On top of all that a tankless will save you money on your gas bill as it is over 90% efficient verses a regular tank that is at best 60%.

    IF your interested in getting a tankless send us some info and we can get you a free quote