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    If you have a water heater or tankless in Kitchener; you need to be concerned about its lifespan and efficiency.  We are a turnkey business that offers installations, maintenance, and sales of tankless water heaters in Ontario.  Kitchener is one location that we have done numerous tankless sales and installations, I can tell you why we have had to contact all our past customers and warn them about their tankless. Here is why.Hard water in Kitchener

    Kitchener Has Very Hard Water

    Anytime water is heated within a heat exchanger it increases the build-up of scale significantly on the walls.  The other factor that affects build-up is the concentration of these elements, or water hardness.  Kitchener has a high concentration enhancing the scale build-up in your water heater; so much so it more than triples that of other Ontario cities.  This isn’t anything to be worried about if proper maintenance is followed.  Hard water doesn’t hurt you do drink or wash in, it really will only causes problems in your conventional water heater and subsequently your wallet.

    Tankless – We talked to all our customers that have had tankless water heaters installed and told them to make sure that their unit is flushed at least once a year to combat the scale build up in their systems.  A tankless is 98% efficient and any significant scale will start to really decrease that incredible efficiency.  A tankless has two valves that are built in to the unit so that vinegar ban be circulated through the system completely removing all the scale and returning the efficiency back to the tankless.

    Conventional tank – If you live in Kitchener and have a regular water heater, you need to contact us…. The water is hard enough that your conventional tank type water heater will be almost useless in 5-7 years. Here is why.  A conventional tank is rated at 55-60 percent efficient when brand new; this decreases ever year by about 2% due to scale build-up on the burner and heat exchanger.  Kitchener has water that is easily 4-5 times as hard as what is used for a baseline test.  That 2 percent decrease suddenly becomes 8-10 percent a year and a conventional tank can’t be flushed out to remove the scale build-up.  So if you are living in Kitchener you are likely spending significantly more on water heating than most other Ontario residents due to unseen efficiency decreases.

    I know what you’re thinking…. If its reduced 50% over 5 years that only leaves 10% efficiency left, how come I still have hot water then?

    Answer – that’s also an easy answer, that water heater is now running significantly longer to heat the water up so you may not even notice the difference. Example – a new tank may take 45 minutes on a full burn to heat all 40 gallons up and only a 1 minute burn ever 30 minutes to maintain temperature.  5 years down the road the scale is so thick it now takes 3 hours to heat up a full tank and a full burn for 14 minutes every 30 minutes just to maintain the heat.  That’s a significant increase in gas consumption but it happens gradually so you may not even notice it.

    Water Hardness of Other Ontario Cities

    Scarborough – 12

    Toronto – 7.5

    Sudbury – 2

    Kitchener – 40

    Port Dover – 13.2

    See the full list of Ontario cities and water hardness (this is a PDF)

    Kitchener Tankless

    Call or send us a message and we can offer you a free quote on a tankless water heater that is 98% efficient, and you can stop wasting money on that old inefficient conventional tank.

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