Burlington Tankless

    Burlington Tankless Water Heaters

    A tankless water heater can provide your home with endless hot water, and save you energy.  You wouldn’t leave your car running all night so that it was warm in the morning…. why do you do the same with your hot water tank

    Burlington has good water for tankless heaters as it doesn’t have high dissolved mineral content so this cuts down on the amount of buildup in the heat exchanger.  Although it is still important to periodically flush the tankless system to keep it in peak operation.

    Burlington tankless water heater installation and service is one the main areas visited by technicians and sales REPS as the population seems to understand the value in a good system and deal.  Burlington seems to be one of those cities that is embracing the tankless water heater and moving away from the conventional tank type system.

    Don’t forget Burlington and the Province of Ontario are still offering grants and rebates to home owners who make the switch over to a tankless system.  Best of all is that you still get the grant money even if you rent the tankless system.

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