Brantford Tankless

    Expanding our Brantford tankless serviceable area has been a priority as many HVAC companies just don’t have the needed expertise to install and service on demand water heaters.  We have been involved with tankless water heaters since early 2002 and are certified by all major manufactures.   If you are interested in a Brantford tankless then give us a call and we, at the very least, can give you a free comparison quote. 

    There are a number of variables that go into installing a tankless water heater, ensuring that code in Brantford has been met is essential for your insurance as well as the tankless systems efficiency and its reliability.  Accreditation by tankless manufactures ensures that your new tankless investment is installed correctly! Improperly installed tankless systems are one of the primary reasons they breakdown or fail prematurely. Brampton Tankless Installers

    Benefits of a Tankless

    1. 96% efficient
    2. 20+ year lifespan
    3. Hangs on the wall
    4. Home heating applications
    5. In floor heating options
    6. Unlimited hot water
    7. Complete removal of legionnaires disease
    8. Energy savings

    Tankless Payment Options

    Rental Tankless – We offer tankless systems in all areas starting at 29$ a month, this includes the system and installation. Maintain the peace of mind a rental tankless offer while enjoying 40% or more energy savings on your water heating bill.
    Purchase Outright – Our quotes are always free and include full installation, correct tankless sizing and the removal and return (if rented) or disposal of your old tank.
    Equal Payments Option – Basically a lease to own option. Choose your term length and own your tankless upon completion. Tankless water heaters have a lifespan of 20+ years so you can expect an easy payback.

    Primary Tankless Systems we Install

    Rinnai – 96% efficient – RU98i or RU80i

    Rheem – 94% efficient – 95 DVN or 84 84 DVN

    Navien – 98% efficient – NPE 180, NPE 210, or NPE 240


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