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    Looking for a reliable, efficient, and fair Brampton tankless installer or service company? Well then you stumbled upon us for a good reason! We offer fair prices and great service to our customers; and we have been installing tankless systems in Brampton since 2007.

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    There are a lot of factors to consider and your best bet is to have a professional come out and assess your homes water heating setup.  Maybe you want to change the location of your water tank? Maybe it will need to be changed for venting? Or maybe you just want to save money/energy so a tankless is where you are looking.  All these items can be addressed by talking to a professional tankless installer.

    • A tankless has very specific venting requirement and each brand has its own set of rules.
    • A tankless consumes a large volume of natural gas for a very short period, having the proper sized gas line is very important.
    • Prices vary from dealer to dealer quite a lot so it pays to get several quotes.  We are confident in our pricing so invite you to expore other dealers.
    • Renting your tankless is an option and you will still get Government rebates.
    • A tankless can be used for small amounts of heating, something like towel warmers in your bathrooms, or maybe you have a room thats cold and could use radiant floor heating. A tankless can do that.
    • All this info is free.

    If you’re a Brampton resident looking for a tankless water heater then send us a quick email and we can call you back and set up a free consultation.  Or at the very least we can answer any questions you have over the phone.

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