Barrie Tankless

    Barrie draws all its water from wells located stategically around the city. This has a few benefits for homeowners looking to switch over to a tankless system, firstly its warmer in the winter than it would be if drawn from Lake Simcoe and thus uses less energy to heat up. Secondly the water is purer and has less dissolved mineral content reducing the buildup of scale in a tankless heat exchanger. Thus if your a Barrie resident a tankless is a good system to invest in.

    We can service and install tankless systems in a number of areas in and around the Barrie area (Essa, Bradford, Nottawasaga, Innisfil, Alliston, Stayner, Keswick, Wassaga, etc). It never hurts to ask, so if you’re at all interested Get More Information Now

    Tankless system provide instant hot water and can provide an endless supply, they can reduce water heating bills by up to 50 percent, and have a significantly loger lifespan than a conventioanl tank type water heater.

    Don’t forget Barrie and the Province of Ontario are still offering grants and rebates to home owners who make the switch over to a tankless system. So if you live in Barrie or area you can get a Government rebate with an energy audit to help offset the additional cost.

    Barrie tankless sales and services.