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    Service areas mapGreater Toronto is quite large and the majority of inquiries that we get come from this area. Albeit there is a significant amount of interest outside major cities; people interested in units for cottages, mobile homes, and within small towns where its much more energy efficient to heat water on demand. The current tankless water heater  service locations range from as far east as Oshawa to further west than Hamilton, and of course all the surrounding localities.

    Toronto SkylineThe Golden Horseshoe consist of an area of roughly 10,100 square kilometers which contains more than 6.5 million people who all call it call home. Think how many conventional water heaters are installed and running constantly, 24 hours a day. Now think how much energy could be saved in everyone was only heating their hot water when then needed it.

    If your Thinking of getting a tankless water heater for your home or business you have come to the right place, we offer free quotes and installations by the best companies in Ontario. It doesn’t matter where you are located we ensure that you get multiple quotes from the best installers in your area. How do we do it?

    We use Home Stars Ontario which has a customer ranking system on ALL contractors. When you request a quote from us its instantly parsed through our database, your location is determined and our servers consult the HomeStars database searching for the top 3 tankless water heater installers in your area. Once this is located, your contact information is sent to those top companies who will contact you to set up a time to come out and give you a free quote. You will receive an email outlining the 3 top companies and their HomeStar scores. Having more than 1 quote will ensure you get the best price and the best work.

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      A Small List of the Towns and Cities we Serve