Rinnai i120CN

    Rinnai Combi Boiler

    The Rinnai i120CN will be a great addition to your home with the I-Series Condensing Gas Boiler. This is a system tailored for use in the Canadian climate, or really any cold area. Using the perfect combination of proven technology and reliability, these boilers are designed with the homeowner in mind. The Rinnai i120CN can provide 120K Btu’s of heating power to fight off those cold nights. In addition to that this combi boiler uses 199K Btu’s to produce all the hot water your home can use. The best part…. this system contains a proportional valve which allows for simultaneous delivery of domestic hot water and central heating without interruption of the heating flow!

    Features of the Rinnai i120CN

    features of the rinnai i120cn
    • The i120CN combi condensing gas boiler model offers high volume domestic hot water delivery providing endless hot water for whole home along with the comfort of whole home heating.
    • Provides home heating and domestic hot water in a single unit.
    • All Combi models offer outdoor reset to optimize your home heating performance and features an integrated modulating pump, with an outdoor reset sensor (in the box).
    • Excellent operational performance with 95% AFUE efficiency and Energy Star Most Efficient certified.
    • Convenient control options with the ability to connect two zone pumps to the PCB.
    • Versatile venting options including 2-inch PVC up to 65 feet.
    • Easy parameter settings and a user-friendly interface.
    • Quick Natural Gas (NG) to Propane (LP) gas conversions (kit included)
    • Stainless steel heat exchangers (primary, secondary, and DHW plate) throughout boiler for unmatched performance and durability.
    • Stainless steel heat exchangers (primary, secondary, and DHW plate) throughout boiler for unmatched performance and durability.
    • Delivers proven reliability with Residential Warranty: 12-Year Heat Exchanger, 5 Year Parts, 1-Year Labor.

    Price For Rinnai i120CN

    Price will vary by region and dealer and whether you are just purchasing the unit or if you are purchasing the unit and installation from a local installer.



    Rinnai i120CN Specifications

    Model Numberi120CN
    Product Weight76.1 lb / (34.5 kg)
    AFUE Rating95.6%
    Turn Down Ratio8.0:1
    Min Input – Heating/Hot Water15,000 BTU / (4.3 kW)
    Max Input – Heating120,000 BTU / (35.2 kW)
    Max Input – Hot Water199,000 BTU / (58.3 kW)
    Hot Water Flow @ 70°F Rise5.1 GPM / (19.3 l/min)
    Maximum Electrical UseCH: 158 watts DHW: 194 watts
    Standby Electrical4 watts
    Boiler PumpFixed Speed

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