Rental Tankless Rebates

    Receive Government Grant Cheques Without Buying a Tankless….

    The Grant Program Has Ended BUT INCENTIVES are still AVAILABLE – Contact us to find out more

    The Government is offering free grants and incentives to Toronto and Ontario home owners who upgrade their existing water heaters to higher efficiency tankless units.  These tankless water heaters do cost more than conventional systems but they use less natural gas and have a much longer lifespan.  The trick is that you can still get access to grant money by simply renting a tankless water heater.

    Renting a tankless will yield you between $325 and $375 plus additional benefits like a home energy audit analysis and significant energy savings.  Generally a tankless rental unit is between $29 and $39 a month but it does depend on the size of unit you need for your home and if you go with condensing or a regular tankless (more on tankless rental)

    Rinnai is the primary rental tankless water heater due to its superb reliability.  Just like a conventional tank the rental company is on the hook for any repairs or issues that arise during your rental term, thus we choose the most reliable systems available. If you are looking to purchase a tankless we do highly recommend a Rinnai system.  Both the condensing and non-condensing systems are highly efficient and perfectly capable of heating our cold Canadian winter water.  

    Our Rental Tankless Systems

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    Get your hands on some extra cash and upgrade to a high efficiency tankless system!

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