Navien Rebates

     Unfortunately the program was unexpectedly cut by the Federal GovernmentFortunately Incentives are still AvailableContact us to find out more.

    Navien Tankless water heaters are available for rebates sponsored by the Ontario Government.  These cash incentives have been put in place to help convince you the home owner the switch to a more efficient home water heating system.  Newer technology comes with higher costs and these rebates help to offset the cost of a tankless water heater.

    So you have decided to go for a Navien tankless water heater, how much can you expect to get back?

    Navien Tankless Rebates

    • Navien  CC-210A  – $375
    • Navien  CC-240A- $375
    • Navien  CR-180- $375
    • Navien  CR-180A- $375
    • Navien  CR-210- $375
    • Navien  CR-210A- $375
    • Navien  CC-180A- $375
    • Navien  CC-210- $375
    • Navien  CC-240- $375
    • Navien  CR-240- $375
    • Navien  CR-240A- $375
    • Navien  NR-180- $375
    • Navien  NR-180A- $375
    • Navien  NR-210- $375
    • Navien  NR-210A- $375
    • Navien  NR-240- $375
    • Navien  NR-240A- $375

    Basically all Navien Tankless Water heaters are eligible for the $375 Grant as the they are all condensing units.

    Navien makes the most efficient tankless available on the market but be cautious and make sure you are getting a good new generation unit as the old versions had and still have MANY issues (see issues here).

    Don’t forget rental tankless systems are still eligible for rebates.