ecoENERGY Grants and Rebates


    Unfortunately the Federal Governement has completely pulled the plug on this program – there are no Government grants available anymore.

    We do have access to some incentives for new high efficiency HVAC equipment targeted at home owners – Contact Us to Find Out more.

    The ecoENERGY Retrofit for residential homes is creating jobs and helping Ontario residents save money. These changes help to reduce energy bills now and in the future. BUT you need to act quickly, funding for the grant program is limited and everyones evaluations and retrofits need to be completed before March 31, 2012 or you will missout.

    This ecoENERGY retrofit program has a specific section for tankless water heaters as they’re very high efficiency systems compared to what has conventionally been installed in homes.  In Ontario you can expect a $375 rebate from the Government if you decided to switch over to a high efficiency tankless.

    Several tankless brands are able to deliver the required efficiency and all bring in the full rebate value. If your interested you can read more about the different tankless brands and their specifications below.

      1. Rinnai
      2. Rheem
      3. Navien
      4. Nortiz

    Eligibility for the ecoENERGY retrofit program in Ontario

    New ecoENERGY Participants – If you or the previous owner of your home didn’t have and energy audit completed between April 1 2007 and June 5 2011 than you are considered a new applicant.  All you need to do is sign up and have the initial audit of your home completed – FIND OUT MORE

    Past ecoENERGY Participants – If you or the previous owner of your home participated in the program between April 1 2007 and June 5 2011 and the maximum amount of $5000 wasn’t submitted then you can submit another application for upgrades completed on or after June 6 2011.

    Popular Items on the Ontario Grant Table

    • Furnaces — high-efficiency gas/oil furnace, up to $790
    • Central air conditioners — replacement air conditioner $250
    • Hot water heaters — high-efficiency gas water heater $375
    • Hot water heaters — condensing tankless water heater $375
    • Boilers — high-efficiency gas or oil boiler upgrade $750
    • HRV — in home heat recovery ventilator $375
    • Solar Thermal— installation of solar hot water system $1,250
    • Heat pumps — air-source heat pump that doubles as air conditioner $500
    • Geothermal — energy-efficient ground or water source heat pumps, up to $4,375

    Ontario homeowners also can take advantage of these upgrades

    • Attic or roof — insulation up to $750
    • Exterior wall — insulation up to $1,875
    • Basement — insulation up to $1,250
    • Crawl space — insulation up to $1,000

    Interested in an Energy Audit and dont know where to start? Start Here and know information is always free! 

    If your interested in a tankless than you want to Start Here

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