Community Energy Conservation

    New Grants for 2014 – $1600-$2000 – With the Community Energy Conservation Program


    This is a new program for 2014 and is very similar to the ecoENERGY program we had back a few years ago.  There are few steps and stipulations that need to be met but there is a great opportunity for some significant cash rebates and overall energy conservation.

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    How It Works

    • Reside in one of the areas detailed below
    • Have a valid Enbridge account
    • Complete at least two upgrades to net a 25% energy savings

    Home owners will need to have an initial audit to get a baseline on their homes energy performance.  Then upgrades should be installed and completed.  Finally, the home owner will need a final audit to confirm how much of a reduction has been achieved.



    $2000 – If you are able to achieve a reduction of 50% or more.

    • $500 to cover your energy audits
    • $1500 for reaching the 50% savings level

    $1600 – Achieve 25% to 49% reduction in energy use.

    • $500 to cover the two energy audits
    • $1100 for reaching the 25% to 49% savings level

    Upgrades Eligible

    • Attic insulation increase to R50 minimum
    • Basement wall insulation upgrade to R12 minimum
    • Wall insulation upgrade by R5 minimum
    • Air sealing (may not be used as second upgrade of only two)
    • Install new high efficiency home heating system (furnaceboiler, combi-boiler)
    • Install a new Tankless water heater (condensing systems are 96% efficient)
    • Drain water heat recovery (may not be used as second upgrade of only two)
    • Replacement of old windows

    Who Can Participate?

    The only bad part of this community energy conservation program is its exclusivity.  Only certain location in Ontario can participate. Apparently the areas have been targeted due to the relatively high number of homes that are inefficient and in need of upgrades.

    Entire Towns and Townships

    • King Township
    • Georgina
    • East Gwillimbury
    • Newmarket
    • Aurora
    • Richmond Hill
    • Vaughan
    • Markham
    • Whitchchurch Stouffville

    Selected Areas

    • Toronto Beaches area – M4E, M4L, M4M, M4J, M1N, M4C
    • Black Creek area – M3N
    • Courtney Court – L6W
    • Burnhamthorpe – L4W, L4X
    • Ward 30 – M4K, M4J, M4M, M5A
    • Ward 13 – M6P, M6S
    • Scarbourough area – M1M, M1E, M1C, M1L, M4B, M1K
    • Ottawa area – K2R, K4B
    • St. Catherines – L2W, L2N
    • Grimsby – L3M
    • Niagara Falls – L2H
    • Welland – L2T

    Additional Info

    We do a lot of tankless systems, and just upgrading from a conventional tank to a new condensing tankless will net you the 25% reduction.  You need to do two of the efficiency upgrades to qualify but you’re well on your way with the tankless.

    You can pick any contractor to do any of the suggested upgrades – we would recommend the tankless upgraded below for the best results.

    Rebates for Tankless systems

    Navien NPE 180, 210, 240

    Rinnai RU98i, RU80i

    Rheem Prestige 95DV, or 85DV


    Furnace or Boiler Rebates

    The stipulations call for two items to be upgraded, and you can get a double upgrade by moving from a tank type water heater and a floor boiler to a combi-boiler.  These systems provide all your home domestic hot water on top of supplying all the heat needed to keep your home warm.

    Navien makes a fantastic combi-boiler we would highly recommend. Check out combi-boilers here.


    Tankless rebates avaialable for Ontario