Tankless Rental Prices

    Are You Interested In Tankless Rental Prices?

    How much does your conventional tank cost to rent per month? Maybe 19$, 21$, or even 24$… Well you can upgrade to a tankless rental for only a few dollars more a month.

    Rental tankless systems start at 29$ a month.

    Of course this includes the full tankless system, installation, and removal of your old water heater. At 29$ a month you are getting a tankless roughly capable of running a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom home. Its a great substitute for any 40 or 50 gallon powervented water heater you may have and will save you some significant energy costs.

    We do offer more powerful and even more efficient tankless rental systems. Rental prices can get up to 39$ for the largest capacity and most powerful tankless water heaters.

    Tankless Systems We Rent Here In Ontario

    Rinnai Rental Tankless

    Rental a Tankless Water Heater
    Rinnai RL75i (non condensing)

    Rinnai RL94i (non condensing)

    Rinnai RU98i (condensing)

    Rinnai RU80i (condensing)

    Rheem Rental Tankless

    Prestige H95 (condensing)

    Prestige H84 (condensing)

    95 Series (non condensing)

    84 Series (non condensing)

    Navien Rental Tankless

    NR180(a) (condensing)

    NR210(a) (condensing)

    NR240(a) (condensing)

    NPE-S (condensing)

    NPE-A (condensing)

    Why A Tankless Rental?

    • No upfront costs
    • Peace of mind knowing there are no worries about breakdowns, repairs, or replacement costs.
    • The agreement is transferable to your homes new owner when sold.
    • New systems are incredibly energy efficient compared with past models.
    • Free quotes so you know your exact monthly cost.

    Renting a tankless is a smart move as these systems are designed to have a 20 year plus working lifespan. Not only that but their efficiency rating is in the high 90% range, these things are at the peak, and not getting any more efficient. A tankless rental (and all rental plans for that matter) will allow you to buy out the system at the end of the contract for a very minimal fee. You now own a high efficient water heater with an easy 10+ additonal years of lifespan.


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