Pricing a tankless for your home from this website is nearly impossible; we just can’t do it accurately.

There are too many unknowns:

  • number of occupants
  • gas line size
  • venting issues
  • water pressure

We do offer free in-home consultations where a REP can come out to your home, free of charge, and assess whether a tankless can be installed.  Our REP is instructed to leave you a detailed quote of both the brand and model of tankless suggested as well as detailed installation costs for you to review.  The quote is good for 30 days so take your time reviewing.

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Tankless Benefits

Having a tankless installed by a professional ensures your unit is correctly supplied and sized to maintain the highest tankless efficiency.  Of course a professional will always stand behind their work should problems arise, which we always have and will continue to do.

Now the Prices….

Below are all very rough INSTALLED Tankless Prices that are NEGOTIABLE

Any and all incentives or manufacture rebates are not included as they always change Contact Us For Current Promotions.



Tankless Systems Start at $2495 for Purchase and Installation

     —  Tankless Rentals Start at $29.95 per month

          —  Tankless Financing Starts at $29.95 per month


Rinnai Tankless

Rinnai – R75-LSi or V75i Tankless

Rinnai – R94LSi Tankless

Rinnai – RC80-HPi or RU80i Condensing Tankless

Rinnai – RC98i or RU98i Condensing Tankless

Rinnai – Wireless Controller with Transceiver – $550.00

Rinnai – Wired Controller – $350.00


Navien Tankless Prices

Navien – NR180

Navien – NR210

Navien – NR240

Navien – NR180A

Navien – NR210A


Rheem Tankless Prices

Rheem – Series 95

Rheem – Series 84

Rheem – H95 (condensing)

Rheem – H84 (condensing)


Bosh Tankless Prices

Bosch – GWH-715ES Tankless

Bosch – GWH-800ES Tankless

Bosch – GWH-C-920ES Tankless

Bosch – Therm C-1210-ES Tankles

Bosch – Therm C-1050-ES Tankless

Bosch – Therm C-950-ES Tankless


GSW Prices

Envirosense PV 90% – (call for quote)

Envirosense Power Direct Vent 96% – (call for quote)

Conventional Tanks – Starting at $10.50 / month


Finance, Rent, or Lease Your Tankless

All products are available to be either financed or leased Find out here about Financing and here about Leasing.

Prices are available within the Greater Toronto area, as well as Markham, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and all the many towns inbetween.