Tankless Rental

    There is a good chance you rent your water heater already, why not move up to a tankless rental?

    We ensure that our rental tankless systems are the top of the line models that are built with quality.  Which if you think about makes a lot of sense; we are on the hook for repairs, thus we want the highest quality and most reliable systems.  Not only does this reduce breakdowns but also ensure your new water heater delivers at the highest performance possible.

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    Renting a tankless ensure you still receive all the same benefits that you have come to expect from a conventional tank rental service.  Maintenance, service calls, installation fees, parts and labour costs, diagnostic fees, and your time are all things that you can expect to avoid with a rental system.

    Some Tankless Benefits

    • Much smaller size (hung on the wall)
    • Unlimited hot water
    • Significant increase in efficiency – energy savings for you
    • Reduced carbon footprint
    • With no storage tank there is no chance for Legionnaires’ disease to develop
    • Precise temperature control  

    Basic installation is free and there is no upfront cost when you decide to go with a tankless.  A technician will remove and return (if necessary) your existing tank and install your new system.  As with a conventional tank you will not owe any money upfront.  Remember renting a tankless ensures you are completely covered giving you some peace of mind should problems arise.


    Have we got you interested in finding out more (price, fees, brands) on a tankless rental? We can answer any questions if you call us or fill out the form below.


      The All Important Disclaimer

      You could have additional charges if existing venting or piping is not suitable for installation or if changes are required to meet Ontario gas code requirements, additional installation and material costs may apply and will be payable by the customer (this is why we offer free quotes, so you have the EXACT cost in writing).

      Some limitations apply with regards to full coverage…for example

      1. If damage is caused by customers – This would apply if someone hit the rental tankless with a hockey puck, baseball bat, or something along those lines…
      2. Repairs are necessary because of use for which the tankless water heater was not intended – You rigged the system to heat soup or something other than water (it’s happened before).
      3. You modified or replaced the vent piping causing the system to produce an error.  Please call us if you need to change the venting, carbon monoxide is extremely poisonous and dangerous.

      We’re based out of Toronto Ontario, and service the Greater Toronto area as well as the Golden Horseshoe.  We actually have a very large servicable area so if you have any doubt just give us a call.