Tankless Installation

    We have been installing, servicing, and selling tankless water heaters throughout the GTA for several years now. After successfully establishing ourselves and building a repertoire of clients we have steadily grown into the home services business as well. Air conditioners, furnaces, water heaters, and tankless systems, and solar thermal water heaters can be installed and serviced by our trained and talented group of technicians.

    So, if you’re living in Southern Ontario and thinking of upgrading to a tankless then you will probably want to give us a call or fill out our contact form.
    1. All quotes and in home consultations are FREE (contact us)
    2. There are a number of companies that will install tankless systems, some are great some are terrible.
    3. Having several quotes with a detailed breakdown of costs and installed products will enable you to make the best decision.Toronto tankless installers

    Contractors can skip a number of things to reduce their costs, ensure that you don’t choose the cheapest quote and you can likely expect a good installation.

    Important Items With A Tankless System

    • A condensing tankless produces condensate which needs to be drained to a nearby sink, floor drain or other location.
    • A tankless will require an electrical socket, if you don’t have a nearby plug one will need to be installed.
    • ¾ inch gas line is necessary to adequately provide enough fuel for a tankless.
    • Mounting a tankless to the wall is usually done by securing a backing plate (sometimes plywood or other material) to the wall studs and then the tankless to the plate.
    • Tankless systems can be easily expanded upon. All brands allow for the connection of two or more to double, triple, quadruple output as your family grows or needs increase.
    • Tankless systems are between 84% and 98% efficient throughout their entire lifespan

    If you have decided that a tankless is something you may want to explore further for your home give us a call and we can have someone come out and give you more information and determine if a tankless can be installed. This, of course is always free.

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