Tankless Flush Service

    Tankless Flush

    Your tankless has a significant amount of engineering put into the system.  This investment in time and technology has yielded a tankless lifespan of over 20 years with a maintained efficiency of over 98%.  To get these systems to that type of reliability and efficiency requires that tankless owners perform a little maintenance on their systems.Tankless Flush Services

    I will go thought the tankless flush and inspection so you know what is required.

    The tankless is initially set up to do a flush as this takes the most time and the other areas can be tested and inspected while the flush is running.

    • The tankless is unplugged and gas shut off.
    • The isolation valves are switched over
    • A pump and reservoir of vinegar are connected to the tankless isolation valves
    • The pump is plugged in to start the vinegar circulating thought the system
    • The technician will now remove the cover and go over the rest of the tankless
    • Inspecting tankless fans and removing any build-up or blockage
    • Checking and inspecting the gas manifold system
    • Cleaning and checking the igniter and flame rod(s)
    • Servo valve inspection for free and clear movement
    • Flow sensor check
    • Venting inspection for damage or corrosion

    Why Does A Tankless Need Flushing?

    With the introduction of heat calcium and lime deposits accumulate much faster than normal.  In a situation like Toronto where the water hardness isn’t to high the build-up inside your heat exchanger only really needs to be cleaned out once over 12-18 months.  In cities like Brampton, Brantford, Kitchener, Newmarket, North York, Richmond Hill, Mississauga where the water harness exceeds 12 grains it is incredibly important that you have your tankless systems serviced. 

    Calcium and Lime build-up inside a tankless water heater reduces the systems efficiency by 2% per year costing you more money in fuel and reducing your tankless systems hot water output.  A simple flush will return your tankless to near factory efficiency ratings. Not to mention that regular service is essential in maintaining your factory tankless warranty.

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