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    We are located in the Toronto Area within Ontario, Canada. We can and do travel throughout a good portion of Ontario for tankless services.  Give us a call if you have any doubt regarding your location.

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    We are able to service all brands, models, and makes.

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    Helpful Tankless Services

    We are not only here to help Ontario and Ontario residents. In fact a large portion of our traffic comes from the United States and Australia. A lot of people are looking at how to fix their tankless or water heater that has started to show an error. This is a extensive list of error codes for the Navien branded tankless water heaters. Of course there are other tankless brands and we have guides for those error as well.

    Looking for parts for your tankless? We carry some but there are literally thousands more that we just cant stock at all times. Amazon has become so large that they usually have any part you might need and can ship it faster than most dedicated part suppliers. Check out this Navien Parts Store on Amazon that is actually supplied by Navien themselves.

    Tankless service and maintenance are a bit more important compared to conventional tank type water heaters. Flushing a tankless or possibly resetting the system due to an error are changes that should be expected. The positive side is that your water heater is now 80 to 90 percent (if not higher) efficient. Not only is it more efficient but also maintains its efficiency with proper maintenance and service (like a flush). Your conventional tank type water heater starts out around 45% efficient but will lose 1 to 2 percent efficiency every year due to the scale and lime buildup.