Features of the NPE-180S2

    The NPE-180S2 is a high efficiency Condensing Tankless Water Heater. The S2 at the the end of this model number represents that it is the (S) Standard version and the (2) is the second generation, which is the newest and most recent version from Navien.

    The S which stands for Standard doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the A or Advanced model offers in a tankless water heater. Maybe you don’t need the extra features and see them as just additional parts that can break down. Or maybe you simply just want a high efficiency water heater and that’s all.

    Whats the difference between the Standard and the Advanced Navien tankless?

    The Advanced system gets you a built in buffer tank and a built in re-circulation pump. That allows you to use your tankless for hot water as well as some heating options throughout your home, things like a towel warmer, hydronic floors, or forced air. If you are looking for a system that just heats water extremely efficiently, then the NPE-180S2 is the tankless for you!

    Features of a navien NPE-180S2
    Inside the Navien NPE-180S2

    NPE Tankless Sizes

    The tankless unit we are discussing is the NPE-180S2 from Navien. The 180 number in the model name represent how much heat the unit can produce to heat water up. For the NPE-180S2 you can expect a MAXIMUM output of 150,000 BTU/H. The amount of heat generated is directly related to amount of hot water a tankless can produce.

    The temperature of the incoming water that a tankless needs to heat can significantly affect how much hot water is produced. For example, a Canadian home in winter can see their homes incoming water temperature dip to 5 degrees Celsius, which is pretty cold. A tankless needs to heat that 5 degree water up quite a lot to make that morning shower comfortable! Therfor, the more power (BTU/H) your tankless model can produce the more hot water you get in your home. This is how Navien differentiates their tankless models, by power rating (BTU/H). The incoming water in Florida is never as cold as the incoming water in Canada so lower powered tankless systems.

    We really only recommend the Navien NPE180 S2 in small homes and situations where only a few people live in a single house where water temps can get cold. If you are in Canada and you are looking to run taps and faucets simultaneously then you will really want to jump up to the model above this one (NPE-210S2) at the least.

    Navien NPE-S2 Models


    • Max: 150,000 BTU/H
    • Indoor wall-hung
    • 67°F temp rise – 4.3GPM
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    • Max: 180,000 BTU/H
    • Indoor wall-hung
    • 67°F temp rise – 5.3GPM
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    • Max: 199,000 BTU/H
    • Indoor wall-hung
    • 67°F temp rise – 5.8GPM
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    NPE-180S2 Specifications

    • Natural gas – 10,000 – 150,000 BTU/H
    • Propane – 10,000 – 150,000 BTU/H
    • 95% efficiency
    • 67°F temp rise – 4.3 GPM (16.3 l/m)
    • ½ gas pipe capable up to 24′
    • Field convertible gas system
    • Ultra condensing efficiency
    • Dual stainless steel heat exchangers
    • Low NOx emissions (20ppm)
    • SCH 40, 2″ venting up to 75′

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