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    Commercial Tankless Installations Ontario


    We have the knowledge and experience to meet all of your commercial and industrial tankless hot water needs in Southern Ontario.  In fact we have been involved in many projects where getting the right layout has been crucial to a successful tankless deployment.  We work continually and interactively with each client to ensure all requirements are not only met but also exceeded.

    Examples Of Past Commercial Tankless Applications

    • Restaurant Industry where space is a premium (removal of a conventional tank can free up 8 to 12 square feet)
    • Condo and Co-op housing complexes – energy savings can be substantial
    • Warehouse – point of use tankless hangs on the wall for remote washrooms

    Some Of Our Past Clients

    Town Home Tankless   Commercial Food Industry Tankless Commercial Manufacturing Tankless Tankless In Food Industry Toronto


    A Tankless Can Be Perfect For Business Environments:

    1. Service Businesses have significantly higher traffic and thus much higher hot water demands, a tankless is able to provide unlimited amounts of hot water and can replace multiple tank type water heaters.
    2. If you’re in the manufacturing business you likely have multiple tanks scattered throughout your plant to service washrooms and various floor needs.  Switching to tankless water heaters saves space, provides unlimited hot water, and reduces energy consumption.
    3. Food manufacturing factories are prime candidates for tankless systems; they frequently need high amounts of hot water at specific locations throughout the plant.  If you’re upgrading or expanding a tankless can provide hot water at any particular spot fast and easily.
    4. Here in Ontario restaurants and commercial locations need hot water to reach a specific temperature to kill bacteria.  This bylaw requires hot water to be 20 degrees hotter in commercial settings and Navien and Rinnai have commercial tankless models specifically designed to reach these water temperatures and produce it continuously.
    5. Commercial tankless systems can be joined together to provide any needed amount of hot water; and you only heat water when you need it.

    Navien Commercial TanklessNavien Commercial Tankless

    • Input: 17,000~199,000 BTU/h
    • Thermal Efficiency: 98%
    • Energy Factor: 0.95
    • Ultra-Efficient

    Rinnai Commercial TanklessRinnai Commercial Tankless

    • Ultra-Efficient
    • Max BTU’s 199,000
    • Max Energy Factor 0.93
    • Outdoor Installations
    • ENERGY STAR Qualified

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    Navien and Rinnai are the two most popular brands but there are a full line of additional Commercial Tankless water heaters.  We can provide recommendations on any installation or required solutions in any situation or problem you may have, give us a call and see how a tankless can work for you in your business.


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