Everrest Furnaces Toronto

    EverRest Extreme Comfort is a premier line of heating equipment that provides Toronto homeowners with Furnace systems that maximize their energy savings and can eliminate repair bills for upwards of 10 years.

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    Where many brands of heating and air conditioning equipment are sold through any dealer, EverRest Extreme Comfort strives to maintain its reputation for quality products and service by working only with selected dealers across and within Ontario and Toronto. This allows EverRest dealers to offer homeowners many of the strongest customer performance guarantees.

    EverRest Furnaces are manufactured in four facilities and are available at more than 700 stocking distribution locations in North America (several within Toronto alone).

    You get all of the value of a new high-efficiency system at a great price!

    • A high-quality, long-lasting, reliable system
    • Energy savings over typical standard-efficiency units
    • More comfort and energy savings for your money
    • Worry-free operation with up to 10 years without any repair expenses

    Models Available

    EverRest — EMV950453BX – 96% Two-Stage Variable (ECM)

    EverRest — EMV950704CX – 96% Two-Stage Variable (ECM)

    EverRest — EMV950905DX – 96% Two-Stage Variable (ECM)

    EverRest — EMV951155DX – 96% Two-Stage Variable (ECM)

    EverRest — EMV80704BX – Mid-Efficient (ECM)

    EverRest — EMV80905CX – Mid-Efficient (ECM)

    EverRest — EMV81155CX – Mid-Efficient (ECM)

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