To better serve our customers we are now including furnaces in the product mix. There are a few reasons that we have chosen to do this.

    • We can offer better prices on a tankless if you are upgrading your furnace as well
    • Saves users from have a secondary contractor come in to the home and deal with pricing and quotes.
    • High efficiency ECM furnace fan motors.
    • Clients are happy with our tankless service and we feel we can bring the same level of success to our heating systems.
    • We live in Canada – everyone needs a furnace!

     Tankless with Furnace Purchase?

    This is a limited time offer but is really a great deal!  Contact us today to inquire if this offer is still available.

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    Furnace Brands

    Just Like The Tankless Systems Furnace Quotes are Free

    Its can be cold in Toronto and one of the best ways to beat the cold here in Toronto is with a high efficiency furnace. Now that we are offering heating systems you can expect a warm Toronto winter (well when you are inside at least).

    Tankless water heaters have the ability to actually replace your homes furnace system.  The hot water is simply pumped through an air exchanger and the warmed air flows thought your existing duct system heating your home.  These systems can be more cost efficient over installing a new heating systems in some situations. Contact us today to see if hydronic home heating is an effective option for you.