Navien Combi-Boiler

    Combi Boilers have been around for a number of years but they are really starting to take off.  The technology in the new Navien systems is second to none and offers incredible reliability now that the company has so many years of experience.

    Why Do They Work So Well?

    Basically a combi boiler is your hot water tank and furnace built into one little machine, and when you think about it it makes a lot of sense. Your homes hot water is used for really only a very small fraction of time per day, thus, during the time it’s sitting idle the combi boiler has the ability to heat your home.

    With a boiler you have several options on the type of heating you want as well.  Looking for some radiant floor heating in the bathroom and kitchen? Not a problem.  How about forced air? Yep, it works with your existing duct system.  Maybe you have or want antique floor mounted radiators, that’s an option as well.   In fact, you can use any combination of the systems mentioned above.

    Like a tankless the Navien combi system is 98% efficient, so you are turning 98 cents of every dollar from fuel into actual heat you will use.  This same efficiency is transferred into your homes domestic hot water supply which saves you even more money.

    Choosing Your Combi-BoilerNavien Combi Boiler

    Choosing the right combi boiler is just a matter of selecting the right sized unit for your home.  Here in the GTA and surrounding areas a correctly sized system depends on a few factors. 

    • Home size and square footage
    • Number of residents
    • Location
    • Future considerations
    • Heating systems required

    There are three specifically built combi boilers made by Navien.  These are designed specifically to provide both home heating as well as domestic hot water.

    1. NCB-180
    2. NCB-210
    3. NCB-240

    In addition Navien offers 3 tankless systems that are primarily designed to provide all of your homes hot water. They do have a small recirculation pump that could be used to heat a small bathroom or maybe a single room in your home if that is something you need.

    1. NPE-A 180
    2. NPE-A 210
    3. NPE-A 240

    We offer free consultations with professionals who have all been through Navien training.  They know these systems inside and out and can help you choose the right system for your home. Not only do you get expert advice but also fully detailed pricing with installation and system costs. 

    Give us a call to schedule your free in home consultation or have us answer any further question you may have right over the phone.


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