Eco King C200

    Eco King C200 combi boiler is the most powerful offering, capable of heating your home and hot water needs for only $3806 Canadian!


    The Eco King C200 combi boiler is a great alternative to your conventional furnace system. This system mounts to the wall and can provide all your homes hot water needs as a tankless water heater. In addition to hot water this combi boiler can also heat your entire house as well. A flexible system like the EcoKing C200 allows home owners to grow their homes comfort systems as budgets and renovations king c200 combi boiler

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    A combi boiler can be used for home heating in a number of different ways. If you currently use a conventional forced air furnace this system can continue to use your existing ducts to blow warm air throughout the home with an air handler. An air handler is basically a coil and a fan, the EcoKing C200 pushes hot water though the coil and the fan blows the warmed air throughout the duct system.


    Being expandable this system could be used to heat an addition you might decide to put on in a few years while continuing to use the air handler. Maybe you want radiant floors in the kitchen or bathroom remodel, not a problem. The Eco King combi boiler is capable of running multiple zones at different temperatures substantially increasing the comfort of your home.


    Lets get into some of the details regarding the Eco King C200 and see if this system might be right for your home.


    • Compact system
    • Up to 95.6% efficiency
    • Propane and Natural gas
    • Integrated 12L expansion tank
    • Wall hung saves space
    • Stainless steel heat exchanger
    • Furnace and tankless in one
    • 6-1 turn down ratio
    • Integrated Grunfos pump
    • External temp. sensor included
    • 12 year heat exchanger warranty
    • Incredibly quiet and compact

    The Eco King C200 is the largest of the combi boilers offered by Eco King, yet it is highly adaptable and can be installed a number different situations and home sizes. The C200 is fully modulating in that it can run between 14% and 100% of its total power, depending on demand.

    The internal fan is also very energy efficient and can rotate slower and faster according to demand. In addition the fan utilizes energy absorption to further enhance efficiency.

    The internal Grunfos pump is also variable and can run at between 60 and 100 percent.


    Heating BTUHot Water To 40°CHot WaterTo 60°C
    C10016,000 – 105,0003.7 Gpm @ 40 °C2.1 Gpm @ 60 °C
    C14019,800 – 135,0004.4 Gpm @ 40 °C2.6 Gpm @ 60 °C
    C20026,900 – 185,0006.1 Gpm @ 40 °C3.6 Gpm @ 60 °C

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