Eco King C100

    The Eco King C100 is a combi boiler perfectly suited to perform all your homes heating and water heating needs for only $3025 Canadian!


    A combi boiler like the Eco King C100 is a perfect upgrade to many condo type heating systems that use an air handler and a convention power vented hot water tank as the heat source. Why is the C100 combi a great upgrade? Lets examine why.inside the eco king c100 combi boiler

    Your conventional power vent tank is roughly 60%-65% efficient brand new out of the box. As soon as you start adding water and heating it up scale and lime start to form on the heating surfaces. This coating works to insulate the heating surface from the water forcing you to use more and more energy as the build up increases and time passes. A lot of new build condos throughout the GTA and generally Ontario are using a small air handler coupled to a power vented hot water tank to heat the house and the all the homes hot water. This is a substantial job for your water heater and will wear it out faster than if it had been used solely for water heating.

    We suggest homeowners with heating systems like the one described above move to a combi boiler like the Eco King C100. It is designed to provide both heating and hot water in exactly these types of situations. Not only are they wall hung but also compact, since they are considerably smaller than your conventional water heater they free up a substantial amount of space. The Eco King C100 model starts out life at roughly 95% efficiency and continues to maintain that high efficiency with regular maintenance. A combi boiler is designed to be flushed, which means the insides can be cleaned to remove the scale and calcium buildup, this is in contrast to conventional water heaters that need to be completely replaced to remove the scale and lime accumulations.

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    Lets get into some of the details regarding the Eco King C100 and see if this system might be right for your home.


    • Compact system
    • Up to 95.6% efficiency
    • Propane and Natural gas
    • Integrated 12L expansion tank
    • Wall hung saves space
    • Stainless steel heat exchanger
    • Furnace and tankless in one
    • 6-1 turn down ratio
    • Integrated Grunfos pump
    • External temp. sensor included
    • 12 year heat exchanger warranty
    • Incredibly quiet and compact

    The Eco King C100 is the smallest of the combi boilers made by Eco King, yet it is highly adaptable and can be installed in a number of different situations and home sizes. The C100 is fully modulating in that it can run between 14% and 100% of its total power, depending on demand.

    The internal fan is also very energy efficient and can rotate slower and faster according to demand. In addition the fan utilizes energy absorption to further enhance efficiency.

    The internal Grunfos pump is also variable and can run at between 60 and 100 percent.


    Heating BTUHot Water To 40°CHot WaterTo 60°C
    C10016,000 – 105,0003.7 Gpm @ 40 °C2.1 Gpm @ 60 °C
    C14019,800 – 135,0004.4 Gpm @ 40 °C2.6 Gpm @ 60 °C
    C20026,900 – 185,0006.1 Gpm @ 40 °C3.6 Gpm @ 60 °C

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