Eco-King Combi-Boiler

    Eco-King Combi-Boilers

    The Eco-King company introduced a combi boiler system to the North American market in early 2009. combi boiler from ecokingIt is a European engineered and manufactured in the Netherlands (UPDATE Eco King is now manufactured in CANADA!). offering home owners another high efficiency tankless and furnace in one at a very budget friendly price.

    This system is smartly designed and simply hangs on the wall with an included metal bracket. This is a nice touch as it makes hanging the system much easier than a lot of other brands.

    Systems Available

    Combi-Boiler (C Model)

    C100 – 16,000 to 100,000 BTU heating and hot water

    C140 – 19,800 to 140,000 BTU heating and hot water

    C200 – 26,900 to 200,000 BTU heating and hot water

    Boiler (H Model)

    H100 – 16,000 to 100,000 BTU heating

    H140 – 19,800 to 140,000 BTU heating

    H200 – 26,900 to 200,000 BTU heating


    • Utilizes an adaptive gas valve enabling the system to be hooked to both natural gas and propane.
    • Fully modulating with a 6-1 turn down ratio
    • Stainless steel heat exchanger
    • Grunfos pump and 12L expansion tank
    • Incredibly quite system
    • Wall hung to save space
    • External thermometer to automatically adjust boiler


    boiler compensation graph

    The EcoKing family of combi systems are all up to 95.6% efficient. Each system also comes with an external thermometer that enables the preset weather compensation settings to maximize efficiency.

    The lower the temperature outside the higher the temperature the boiler must make to compensate for the heat loss. Alternatively as temperatures warm the boiler needs to provide much less energy to heat your home. This can be visualized on a weather compensation graph like the one here.


    EcoKing offers a 2 year warranty on their boiler parts and a 12 year warranty on the stainless steel heat exchanger within the unit.

    • 2 years on parts
    • 12 years on the heat exchange

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