Below you will find some of the more useful links related to tankless water heaters, combi boiler, furnaces, and air conditioners. Looking for your systems warranty or maybe how tankless models have changed over time? Listed below are the most popular manufactures and their corporate websites.

    Rinnai —  American Made Tankless Water Heaters.

    Paloma — Tankless water heaters will serve your domestic hot water needs years to come with reliable performance

    Navien — Navien tankless water heater official site

    Bosch — Bosch official tankless water heater site

    Takagi — Tankless water heaters by Takagi

    Noritz — The Noritz tankless water heater website

    Home Energy Audits — Ontario home energy audit service organization

    Home Air Conditioners — Central Air Conditioners for your home that meet rebate requirements

    Legal Helpline — Ontario Legal Help and Personal Injury Advice

    Tankless Parts and Replacement Items

    A lot of the pieces on your tankless can be replaced fairly easy if you are a handy person. We have a extensive list of tankless error codes and corresponding issue location so you can diagnose and possibly fix the error within the links listed below.

    Finding the correct parts is essential in fixing your issue and can be an extremely frustrating task. The best place we have found for replacement tankless parts is Amazon. parts are reasonably priced and the shipping is fast and efficient.

    another key point, Amazon has so much stuff available its is incredible, however, you should try and cross reference as much as possible to get the best prices. Try using part numbers or different word descriptions to find your replacement parts at the best price.

    Secondly, for all the Canadians looking for tankless parts, you almost always need to visit the American Amazon, they have literally thousands of more parts compared to the Canadian Amazon. The best part is that nearly everyone offers shipping to Canada. The links below all direct your to for tankless parts.