Note:The Government Has Ended All Grand Programs

    Save $500 to $600 With a Home Energy Audit

    Want to save Between $500 and $600 dollars off your new tankless water heater? Through the Ontario Governments Eco energy program if you have an energy audit preformed on your home and then install a tankless water heater you WILL receive the grant money.

    This is a great opportunity and it allows home owners to take advantage of the available Government grants. The Eco Energy Retrofit program is a efficiency test for your house which takes a few hours. 30 days after the energy audit is conducted you will receive a detailed report of your home. This report outlines ways in which you can improve your energy efficiency as well as save money.

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    Click here to view a sample PDF report

    • The Initial audit will cost $175 *
    • The Second follow up audit is scheduled once all retrofits have been completed this will cost $150.  This Audit confirms that all claimed retrofits have actually been completed.

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      * The Provincial government will refund $150 of the initial audit cost.