Local Toronto Involvement

    HVAC Responsibilities and Local Involvement

    We strive to ensure our customers get the best products, service and installations thought-out Ontario.  Our Installation technicians are highly trained and by far the best in the business.  If you get a new furnace, tankless or other system installed the first thing people will comment on is how well it is installed.

    Core Values and Objectiveslocal HVAC involvement Toronto

    As one of our core business values, we are committed to achieving health and safety excellence throughout our Toronto involvement. It is our belief that all the employees are entitled to a safe work environment. It is our mandate to enforce our health and safety program to protect our staff, properties, the environment and our customers from injuries and accidents.

    Employees at every level, including management, supervisors and staff are all equally responsible and accountable for the company’s and co-workers overall safety. Thus we are committed to continuously improve by utilizing our employees’ ideas and concerns in accordance with industry standards and best practices effectively exceeding requirements and Provincial legislative requirements.


    Eliminating the social, physical, and financial effects of injuries strengthens our business success. Since 2008 we have exceeded requirements and significantly cut down worker injury. The Health and Safety at the workplace has proven quite successful.

    Our Environment

    We realize that the products we sell and service have some negative environmental aspects.  Most systems use natural gas, propane or electricity as a source of energy.  These sources are largely derived from fossil fuels and contribute to green house gas concentrations. We try use our local Toronto involvement to help bring issues forward.

    We are trying to help though…

    A tankless is 98% efficient, consuming a significantly reduced about of natural gas over an old conventional tank that is probably only 50% efficient at best.  This helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

    We only sell high efficiency furnaces and recommend homeowners upgrade if we are brought in to do a service call on a mid-efficiency system.  This further reduces CO2 emissions.

    All our air conditioners only use R-410A refrigerant, this is a chlorine free gas which if much more degradable and affects our ozone much less than past gasses.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask.