The Tankless Hot Water Guide is designed to help people get a firm grasp of the benefits that an on demand or tankless water heater can provide to homeowners. There are numerous tankless systems available and all have their advantages and disadvantages, our aim is to help you make the right choice.

    We sell, service, and perform maintenance on all brands and makes of tankless water heaters throughout the Greater Toronto area and the Golden Horseshoe. 

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    Tankless Rebates – Every year rebate programs change, unfortunately that is the nature of rebates.  Up until 2012 we had the ecoENERGY grant program that encompassed all of Canada and gave home owners a rebate of $325 for a non-condensing tankless and $375 for a condensing tankless.  This program has ended but as always new ones have started in its place. In Ontario in 2014 we have the Community Energy Conservation Rebate that gives home owners either $1600 or $2000 to put towards the purchase of a tankless water heater. To see how you can apply for the Community Energy Conservation Rebate either give us a call at (647) 925 1930 or check out the details further here.

    Are Any Grants or Incentives Available?

    Yes, the Community Energy Conservation Rebate  is available to home owners within Ontario. The program loosely follows the steps required by the old ecoENERGY rebate program. Basically, to attain the Government rebates a home owner would need an energy audit performed on their home to provide a baseline and the first step in the application.  We have listed a number of companies that are still performing audits. As a home owner the information gained from a home energy audit can be incredibly useful in helping you address the most significant issues and creating a sort list or blueprint for energy efficiency.

    The Tankless Hot Water Guide is located in Toronto Ontario, Canada.  We provide free tankless advice and quotes to all residential and commercial parties.  There have been a number of nefarious contractors and companies throughout Ontario that have absolutely gouged and taken advantage of people or home owners.  We provide real accurate tankless quotes so you can compare and understand how much your contractor or tankless installer is trying to charge you.

    One of the best pieces of advice we always offer is for homeowners to “obtain multiple quotes”, the best tankless installers will always shine through.


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