Tankless Installer

    Tankless Installer For Purchased Systems

    Are you looking for a tankless installer to install your recently purchased tankless system?

    A lot of local water heater contractors look for the tankless sale as well as the installation, and in a lot of cases that is what the homeowner is looking for as well.

    But if you are looking for the best price a lot of the time you can buy the tankless on your own and just pay for the installation. This can certainly reduce the price for a tankless.

    Typically you should assume about $1000 for installation. This definitely would be on the high end for a local tankless installer and it will almost certainly be less. Factors that might put you on the higher end of installation costs might be things like:

    • Moving the location of your water heater
    • Complicated venting
    • Increasing the gas line size
    • Reworking walls or interiors

    Typical Tankless Installer Pricing

    There is obviously a lot of variation in tankless pricing and you should assume the numbers I am giving here are very much rough ball park figures so to speak.

    • Tankless cost $2000-$4000
    • Installation $600-$1200
    • Total cost typically $2800-$4800

    Again, these numbers are meant to be rough and not very accurate. Tankless contractors will often install the cheaper, lower end tankless systems at higher end prices in an effort to add more profits. As a homeowner it is very important to compare or price out the exact model tankless a contractor is offering to install. This is exactly where you will find that purchasing the tankless you want and just hiring a a tankless installer will net you some very enviable pricing.

    Purchasing Your Own Tankless

    Again there is a lot of variation in tankless pricing due to models and purchase location. But as an example, recently the Rinnai RUR199iN (this is the top of the line, most powerful, most efficient, tankless Rinnai sells) went on sale for $2600 Canadian shipped to your house. Even if you anticipate $1200 for installation, which would be only the rarest of occurrences that’s still only $3800 all in. Any tankless contractor will most certainly be offering you a quote in the $4500 to $5000 range for that tankless and installation. Purchasing the tankless separate and just hiring a tankless installer for installation will net you a fantastic deal your neighbours will be envious of.

    The margins are smaller on lower end tankless systems but there are certainly many deals to be had by purchasing a tankless yourself. We try to track and publish the best deals available on our front page, you can check them out here.

    Where To Buy A Tankless

    There are a lot of place that will sell you a tankless now, some are definitely better than others. I will go though some of the options now as well as the pros and cons.

    Big Box Stores

    Home Depot, Rona, Lowes, etc – I certainly wouldn’t neglect these places because they offer deals but can be hit and miss and their prices really don’t vary much over time. If you think you have found a great deal but are unsure, I would recommend comparing it to what your big box store is offering as they often have all the models.


    They have great shipping, I personally have experienced faster than advertised shipping on all my order from them. They do offer tankless systems now and you can find some pretty good deals for some great tankless water heaters. Spend the 5 minutes to cross reference the tankless model you are interested in and see if the current price is better.


    Amazon, one of my favourite places to check. The problem with Amazon is that prices fluctuate so quickly and so drastically, a tankless you might be interested in can be $1000 cheaper one day verses the next. Prime gives you free shipping so that is substantial positive as well. If you aren’t in a huge rush to get a tankless Amazon might be the best place to purchase your standalone tankless.

    My pricing example above mentioned the Rinnai RUR199iN from amazon at $2600 (check its price now), it was at that price for two days before it increased. Checking it out at alternative locations had it priced from $3500 to $3900. That’s a substantial savings opportunity. Check out the graph below to see the substantial pricing fluctuations I’m talking about.

    Amazon tankless pricing


    If you are looking to upgrade to a tankless water heater on the cheap purchasing the system yourself and then hiring a tankless installer to hook it up is likely your cheapest option. The key to getting a great tankless deal is to compare pricing at different stores and locations and most of all be patient and wait for the best deals. If that is more work than it is worth to you your best bet is probably a full service tankless contractor that both supplies and installs your new tankless. Either way a tankless is a fantastic upgrade that not only saves energy but also saves money on your monthly bills.

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