Combi-Boiler Sales for September 2021

    Rinnai Combi-Boiler September Sales

    I’m not sure how long this combi-boiler sales pricing will last but it is amazing. A combi-boiler not only provide all your homes hot water but also all your homes entire heating! this is accomplished in one tiny wall hung unit as well.

    on average a homes total hot water draw is less than an hour. This means that if you added up all the time the hot water tap is on, the shower, and when the dishwasher pulls hot water it totals less than 60 minutes a day. a homes typical furnace only runs for a 5 months a year here in Canada. A combi boiler is a water heater and furnace built into one unit. So when you think about it, it really makes a lot of sense to combine the two systems.

    Need more information on how a combi boiler works? Check out our detailed explanation on how these systems work.

    Rinnai Combi-Boiler

    i120CN – On Sale NOW for $3955.00
    i90CN – On Sale NOW for $3900.00
    i60CN – On Sale NOW for $3550.00

    • Compare Home Depots price at $5,314 for the exact same i120CN natural gas model.
    • Home Depots price at $5,049 for the exact same i090CN model.
    • Compare Home Depots price at $4,449 for the exact same i060CN model

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