Rinnai R85

    There are a few comments below about people having their Rinnai water heater stop working on them suddenly.  The very first thing I would recommend is unplugging the unit from the wall for 2-3 minutes and then plugging the system back in.  This works to reset the internal computer and may clear the error code causing the shutdown. If this doesn’t rectify the situation or if it happens again soon after, a technician is most likely needed to diagnose the issue.

    Due to the extreme cold temperatures throughout the USA and especially Texas in 2021 a number of tankless systems have been damaged and destroyed. The R85 isn’t manufactured anymore so I will be suggesting some replacement Rinnai models that should basically be a plug and play in terms of piping and venting.  Please note that every installation is different and I can’t be certain that these will fit perfectly. We also use Amazon for shipping these systems as they have by far the most efficient and speedy shipping infrastructure.


    V65iN – 6.5GPM  150k BTU’s NATURAL GAS

    V65iP – 6.5GPM  150k BTU’s  PROPANE

    V75iN – 7.5GPM  180k BTU’s NATURAL GAS

    V75iP – 7.5GPM  180k BTU’s  PROPANE

    V94iN – 9.4GPM  199k BTU’s NATURAL GAS

    V94iP – 9.4GPM  199k BTU’s  PROPANE


    V65eN – 6.5GPM  150k BTU’s NATURAL GAS

    V65eP – 6.5GPM  150k BTU’s  PROPANE

    V75eN – 7.5GPM  180k BTU’s NATURAL GAS

    V75eP – 7.5GPM  180k BTU’s  PROPANE

    V94eN – 9.4GPM  199k BTU’s NATURAL GAS

    V94eP – 9.4GPM  199k BTU’s  PROPANE

    Did Your Tankless Freeze?

    If it did there is a good chance that the system needs to be completely replaced.  There are a number of spots that have likely been compromised as the water froze and expanded.

    On the positive side of things if you are looking to increase the amount of hot water you can produce, maybe for a new bathroom, or a new multi head shower now might be a good time to upgrade to a higher BTU model.

    The V94 models are able to produce more hot water than the old R85 model. Alternatively if you found you used less hot water than you had anticipated you could go down to the V75 models and produce just a little less hot water than the old R85.

    UPDATE: The Rinnai R85 is not available anymore, check out the Rinnai RL94i which is the updated version. We have all specifications and prices listed for both rental and purchases.

    No one ever uses hot water 24 hours a day. But, if you have a conventional tank then you’re paying to heat water 24 hours a day. With a standard water heater, you heat and reheat the same water even when you’re sleeping. No one wants to waste money but if you have a conventional tank that’s what your doing.

    The Rinnai tankless R85 water heater is a more efficient way to heat water for residential users. This system heats water quickly and delivers an endless supply of hot water for as long as you need it. With the Rinnai tankless water heater, you only pay to heat water when you need it and for as long as you want it. Thus Saving money.

    Rinnai R85

    • White Powder Coat Enamel Finish

    Tankless Technology

    • Continuous Hot Water on Demand Delivered at Up to 8.5 GPM
    • Whole House Water Heating Solution
    • MC-91 Digital Temperature Controller =/-2° F Included
    • Direct Electronic Ignition – No Pilot Light
    • On Board Diagnostics and Safety Monitoring
    • Exterior Unit – No Venting Required
    • Battery Backup Possible for Operation in Power Interruptions

    Tankless Energy Efficiency

    • Up to .83 EF Providing Significant Energy Cost Savings
    • On When You Need It, Off When You Don’t… No Standby Loss!


    • 10 Year Limited Warranty On The Heat Exchanger
    • 5 Year Warranty On All Parts

    Specification Table

    • Minimum / Maximum Gas Rate (Input BTU/Hr.) 15,000 – 199,000
    • Dimensions: 9″D x 14″W x 24″ H
    • Weight: 48 lbs.
    • 8.5 GPM Maximum Hot Water Capacity at 35° Rise
    • 4.5 GPM Maximum Hot Water Capacity at 75° Rise
    • NoX Emissions Less Than 40Ng/J
    • Temperature Range 98 – 140° F
    • Altitudes Up to 10,500 Feet Without Kits or Additional Parts

    Price and Installation

    Rinnai likes its tankless water heaters to be installed by certified professional installers, thus reducing the chance of incorrectly installed units.  We carry all makes and models so if your interested in a Rinnai tankless for your home give us a call at 647-925-1930 or send us a message via the form below.  As always advice, quotes, and information are free.

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      1. INEED A PARTS LIST FOR model# R85E-0 serial# 0506-114841

      2. We have an Rinnai R85, suddenly no power. We do have 120 voltage at unit terminals and both fuses good.

        We ran out of propane as well.
        Would that have any impact, ie: if no fuel flows, power disabled??

        Any advice greatly appreciated

      3. Lightning strike killed my Rinnai

      4. our R85 runs almost constantly. It’s in the garage but can hear it in our bedroom. Is there a timer to turn it off during the night and/or the day when no one is home?

      5. Any information on how to flush the rinnai r85 would be greatly appreciated

      6. My Rinnai R85 stopped heating water this am, what do I need to do to get it going again? Tried hot out of all faucets, no hot water, cold showers suck!

      7. any suggestions on what to check for when a on demand stops working.

      8. our on demand quit working Im not sure why. what is the most common problems with rinnai tanks

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