Navien Emergency Repair Parts

    A number of Navien tankless water heaters and Navien combi-boilers have Navien emergency repair parts included right inside the system! If you have a water leak, electrical, or even a igniter issue, take a look for the included parts. This bonus kit can get your system back up and running quickly.

    The NCB we have in our house had the Navien Emergency Repair parts taped inside and on the right side of the main unit. I have seen them taped into a few different spots. Such as on the inside of the main cover, as well as left or right side of main unit, be sure to check around.

    5 Navien repair parts

    What Parts Are Included?

    I’m typing this at home and referencing the Navien emergency repair parts that were included in the NCB system here. The parts included will vary according to your system and model.

    1. Igniter Gasket A — Part# 20022584A
    2. Igniter Gasket B — Part# 20023585B
    3. O-Ring P18 — Part# 20006954A
    4. O-Ring — Part# 20003022A
    5. Fuse — Part# 20006666A
    Navien emergency repair parts

    Part 1 and 2 are the gaskets for the system igniter. This is what starts/lights the flame to generate the hot water in your system. They may need to be replaced if you are getting a Navien Error Code E003. Make sure that the spark electrode and flame rod are installed tightly in their brackets, are not loose or corroded, and in the correct position. If you are replacing these parts make sure to use the new gasket provided or, alternatively, the spares in the Navien emergency repair parts.

    Parts 3 and 4 are O-Rings and both are used in multi areas throughout the system. In your Navien manual there is a Component Assembly Diagrams and Parts Lists that will identify which O-Ring can be used and in which locations. If there is a water leak it is likely to be the O-Ring and is an easy fix. The Waterway assembly diagram is where you will want to be looking to cross reference the correct part and location.

    Part 5 is simply a fuse. If the front panel isn’t on or lit up the first thing you can check is that the plug is in good working order. If the plug/outlet is working the next thing to check is the fuse. You can find the fuse inside the unit, so the front cover needs to be removed to check it. Make sure to keep your Navien unplugged while servicing ANYTHING inside.

    Purchase Parts

    You can also try to purchase parts from for your Navien if they are not included in the emergency repair kit. A lot of parts are available to Canadians through the .com site vs the Amazon .ca Canadian site. Check Navien emergency parts here

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    1. WHERE is the fuse? I belie that the reason why my Navien 240A wont heat up—no power while plugged in. I want to change the fuse, but I dont know where it is. NONE of the ‘helpful hints’ tells me where it is located. I am simply told to ‘change the fuse’. Help.

    2. I am looking for Emergency Part Kit for
      Navien model NR-240A NG


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