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    We live and breath tankless and combi boilers, so when we see great tankless discounts or sales we will be publishing it here from now on. It could be an Amazon sale, Home Depot discount, or maybe a mistake on a published price, but all offer exceptional value. You may also find rebates or incentives from local companies or Governments that substantially reduce the cost making a new tankless a great deal!

    features of the rinnai i120cn
    Rinnai i120CN

    To be perfectly clear occasionally we will make a referral fee, but often we do not make anything by providing this information.

    In Canada our Amazon.ca lacks a lot of the parts and products that Amazon.com offers. The good news is that most Amazon.com products ship to Canada, sure there is duty and taxes but there are some AMAZING deals to be had if you are knowledgeable on prices. We will try our best to break down prices and show the value in the sale on Amazon.com for Canadians.

    Canadian Tankless Discounts

    Rinnai Tankless Discounts — Amazon.com

    Rinnai RL94iN – $422 OFF! Discounted Price = $949 + $33 shipping — Deal is Over

    Rinnai RL94iP – $422 OFF! Discounted Price = $949 + $33 shipping — Deal is Over

    Ill leave these links up as they still direct you to the product but unfortunately the above sale price is over. Maybe there is a new sale?

    The RL94 is a great tankless and that’s a fantastic price! The N at the end of the model name is Natural Gas and the P is for Propane. Converting that to Canadian and its roughly $1250 plus shipping, which for me, about and hour North of Toronto, was $33. That Amazon prices works out to be about a 50% tankless discount over buying it here in Canada!

    Need proof that’s an amazing price? Check out Lowes.ca, the exact same unit sells for $2506

    Rinnai Combi Boiler Discount – Amazon.com

    i060CN – Amazon price $2568.75 + $45 shipping — Deal is Over

    i120CN – Amazon.com price $ 3018.75 +$45 shipping — Deal is Over

    Ill leave these links up as they still direct you to the product but unfortunately the above sale price is over. Maybe there is a new sale?

    Both of the models above combi units, meaning that it is a tankless and furnace built into one unit! Your water heater and furnace are used fairly infrequently so why not make them one? It saves space and realistically you only use your furnace 6 months of a year. Both systems above work with either propane or natural gas.

    Lets break down the costs and savings, because it is substantial and an amazing tankless discount here!

    i060CN — $2568.75 converted to Canadian is roughly $3400 plus $60 shipping and $726 duty and taxes you are looking at around $4200 to buy the Rinnai i060CN! You cant even come close to that here in Canada! Big box stores are selling the i060CN here for $5400 taxes in so you are saving $1200

    i120CN — $ 3018.75 converted to Canadian is nearly $4000 plus the shipping, lets just say $60 as it will change a little depending on where you live. Duty and taxes are expensive at $779 but this is still a great price with the total coming out to $4900 Canadian!

    $4900 for the i120CN is such an unbelievable deal! Check out Lowes, Home Depot or one of the other big building supply stores and you are looking at a price of $5240 plus the tax totaling $5921. This deal is basically $1000 cheaper or 20% off. Not bad for a little sleuthing around the internet.

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