Ontario Heating and Cooling Rebates 2019

    Basically there aren’t any.

    Unfortunately this is a terrible way to start any article but that’s just the way things are here for 2019 rebates in Ontario.  Our current Government has removed and eliminated nearly all programs designed to help home owners upgrade home heating and cooling equipment.  Costs seem to always go up, yet wages stay stagnant and this is why these programs are so important.  A new furnace with installation can exceed ten thousand dollars, it is a significant chunk of money for most families.  This is the exact reason why you see people trying to extend the life of their homes equipment well beyond its designed lifespan. 

    Rebates 2019 in Ontario

    Low Income Incentives and Rebates

    There are a few programs left for low income households that are funded by Ontario energy companies.  Enbridge and Consumers Gas are two of the bigger ones.  Incentives range from windows and door upgrades, to insulation and home heating equipment. 

    Home Assistance Program from Save ON Energy

    Old household appliances and equipment can make electricity bills more expensive for your home. The Save on Energy Home Assistance Program offers free energy-efficiency upgrades as well as in-home energy assessments to help uncover additional ways to save money and energy.

    • LED bulbs
    • Low flow shower heads
    • Drying racks
    • Energy efficient refrigerators
    • Window air conditioners
    • Additional attic or basement insulation
    • Weatherstripping


    Rebates 2019 – Enbridge Home Energy Conservation

    Receive up to $5000 back if you are looking to do a wide range of upgrades.

    The homeowner must complete an energy audit before any changes and then a final audit after the changes.  You will not qualify if you don’t get the audit done before hand. This program expires Dec 31, 2019 and is only available to customers who heat their home with natural gas and are in the Enbridge service area.

    • Furnace – $750
    • Hot Water – $200
    • Attic Insulation – $500 (up to)
    • Basement Insulation – $1000 (up to)
    • Exterior wall insulation – $1500 (up to)
    • Windows – $40 (per window)
    • Air sealing – $150 (up to)


    Rebates 2019 – Union Gas

    Similar in nature to the Enbridge program for energy rebates. Homeowners within their service territory and use natural gas as a heating source can qualify. Most importantly an energy audit before changes and an audit after the changes will qualify you for the available rebates.

    • Furnace/Boiler – $750
    • Basement Insulation – $1000, possibly more
    • Exterior wall insulation – $1500
    • Attic Insulation – $500
    • Air sealing – $150
    • Water Heater – $200
    • Windows and doors – $40



    The majority of energy and conservation rebates are offered by private corporations in Ontario. Really, just one now that Enbridge and Union Gas have merged into one company. As it currently stands you need to be a natural gas customer to receive any sort of rebate, and realistically the people that are heating their homes with wood, electricity, propane, or oil should be the target market for rebates. Homeowners switching from one fuel source to another is prohibitively expensive and could use the rebates more effectively. Hopefully in the near future we are able to get our Government involved again in providing incentives for upgrades to all homeowners and citizens. 

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