Navien Combi-Boiler Rebate For Canadians

    Canadians Combi-Boiler Rebate

    Starting from September 1st to December 31st 2016 Navien is offering a $200 rebate on all their whole home combi boilers.

    What is a Combi Boiler?

    It’s a tankless and furnace all built into one tiny wall mountable unit. Realistically it is a brilliantly little system that works incredibly well. After installing a few in customers’ homes I actually installed one in my house as well in the fall of 2014, I haven’t looked back since.

    Typical homes use hot water surprisingly infrequently so keeping hot water in a 40 or 50 gallon tank hot at all times is very inefficient. In addition to that your conventional tank is terrible at moving heat from the burner into the water which results in most of your money going out the exhaust vent. A tankless heats water immediately upon demand and does so with a substantial increase in efficiency. In fact a tankless is so efficient at exchanging heat into water that the exhaust gasses are simply warm to the touch. A combi boiler is a perfect step forward from your conventional tankless. As I said earlier, hot water is used relatively infrequently in most homes, so Navien intelligently reworked a tankless to heat your home as well as provide hot water.NCB Sizes

    Hot water demand always takes precedence over home heating. Thus if the furnace is running and you turn the tap on to wash your hands you get hot water immediately, but as soon as you turn that tap off the furnace aspect kicks back on.

    Navien Rebate

    Navien is having a bit of trouble getting people to understand how the system works, so in an effort to increase sales they are offering a $200 rebate on all the NCB or Combi boilers they sell in Canada.

    Here is the official Navien Rebate site

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    1. I never got a rebate are even mentioned of a rebate. I got an navien 240 2 months ago and our system been nothing but problem. We are constantly having heating issues with it.

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