Tankless Wi-Fi Controller For Your Navien

    Are you looking for the ability to control your Navien tankless, combi-boiler, or boiler? Look no further than the NaviLink from Navien.


    Our homes are becoming more and more automated every day. As an example, the Nest is an intelligent WiFi enabled thermostat enabling you to control your homes heating and cooling from pretty much anywhere in the world. On top of that there are numerous other products designed to enable home owners an increasing level of control over their environments. There is now a tankless Wi-Fi controller with the new Navien NaviLink.

    It was only a matter of time before this technology made it to the tankless and boiler industry. The NaviLink is a great addition to your tankless water heater or combi-boiler for a number of reasons but the most important is…. CONVENIENCE

    The NaviLink allows you to set your homes hot water temperature from your cell phone, iPod, iPhone, Android, Samsung, tablet, etc. This is revolutionary. Sure, Navien had remotes that were wired to each bathroom where you could remotely set the temperature but they were expensive and hard to install. Having full control on your smartphone is a game changer.

    The Tankless Wi-Fi Controller Does A Number Of Additional Things

    tankless wi-fi controller

    1. Report and monitor your systems diagnostic data
    2. See and address any error codes
    3. View and set water temperatures
    4. View and set space heating temperatures
    5. Hot water flow rates
    6. Inlet water temperture
    7. Total hot water consumption
    8. Average firing rate of the system
    9. Cumulative gas consumption
    10. On demand activation tracing ability

    Tankless Wi-Fi Controller For NPE-A

    The new Wi-Fi link will supercharge your Navien tankless water heater allowing additional control of the recirculation pump and system in general. a quick push of the hot button on your phone heats up the recirculation lines throughout your house reducing energy and ensuring hot water is proved faster than ever before.

    Alternatively withe the tankless wi-fi controller you can now use the recirculation pump in your NPE-A to circulate hot water to your homes hydronic air handler removing the need to purchase a separate circulation pump. Adding a space heating use to your NPE-A has never been easier.

    Wi-Fi Remote Model Check

    • NPE-A 180/210/240
    • NPE-S 180/210/240
    • NCB-E 180/210/240
    • NHB 80/110/150

    This add on will not be available until June 2016 at which point pricing will be available. Check back with us soon.


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