New Tankless Water Heaters

    We use a lot of hot water in our modern homes, from taps, laundry, dishwasher, to elaborate rain heads and body showers. A new tankless water heater has emerged as the number one method of meeting all this modern demand. Tankless technology has been in Canada for over 20 years now, it has moved past infancy and carved a new niche between electric, and gas powered conventional storage tank type water heating.

    New Tankless Technology

    Inside a Rheem Tankless
    A tankless system heats water nearly instantly. This is accomplished by pushing cold water though a heat exchanger with a ton of surface area. The heat is able to move into the water extremely fast and the hot water is then sent though your homes piping system to the location it was called for. Modern tankless systems use a number of systems to increase efficiency and longevity. For one, they are able to utilize the exhaust gases to preheat incoming water greatly increasing efficiency. Also, a tankless is designed to have the internals cleaned out to not only maintain ultra high efficiency, but also, significantly increase product lifespan.

    Tankless Costs

    In terms of initial cost a new tankless is definitely more expensive, there is so much more technology and capability that comes with a tankless. You can definitely purchase a conventional 40 gallon electric tank from a home improvement store for less than $500. The problem is that here in Ontario, electricity costs an arm and a leg. Sure we have time of use billing that with an appropriate timer we can get an electric water heater to only use cheap electricity. If only it was that easy, there’s no such thing as cheap electricity. Once you add fees and delivery your bill has easily doubled, and they don’t use time of use billing either. As an example, I live 40 minutes outside the Greater Toronto Area and my delivery fee is 142 percent of my electricity cost. Simply math quickly shows how a tankless has a higher upfront cost but is much cheaper to run over the long haul.

    Great Tankless Brands

    I do have a few recommended tankless brands. Internally they are all quite similar in design and functionality but when it comes to reliability knowledge can be power.

    Rinnai – They have been around the block since the beginning. Initially only a Rinnai qualified installer could install a Rinnai tankless, this resulted in a very high percentage of properly installed systems which in turn substantially increased reliability.

    Navien– The Company had a rough patch with the CR tankless model but has since corrected its errors with the NR series tankless. They then made further improvement and launched the Navien NPE series tankless. This is a fantastically strong and reliable tankless water heater I also recommend.

    Get More Info

    If your are interested in moving up to a tankless water heater we are here to help answer any question you might have. If you are using an electric water heater here in Ontario you have a lot to gain by switching to a tankless. Give us a call or fill out the form below and we will do our best to help you as much as possible.


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