2016 Rebates For Tankless Water Heaters

    rebates available

    New Rebates For Tankless Water Heaters

    $2500 is available in rebates to home owners who upgrade their homes. This program involves rebates for tankless systems, furnaces, boilers, combi-boilers, windows, doors, and home insulation. There is a bit of a process and it’s not available to all home owners. In fact it’s limited to roughly 37,000 homes in the Southern Ontario vicinity. Your first step is determining if you are eligible, and it’s pretty easy, because, if you are a customer of Enbridge or Union Gas, you’re likely eligible.


    The program is very much like the past one available to home owners where an audit had to be completed on your house to set the base line. Then upgrades were made and a follow up audit was completed to confirm said upgrades. Rebates were issued after a successfully completed second audit.

    Getting Started

    1. You will need to get an energy audit before you perform any upgrades.
    2. Review the findings with you energy audit advisor.
    3. Complete a minimum of two upgrades through a reputable contractor.
    4. Schedule the second audit to confirm your homes upgrades have been completed.
    5. Your energy advisor will submit all necessary paperwork and a cheque sent out within 90 days.

    Do I Qualify?

    You Must:

    • Have an active account with either Enbridge Gas or Union Gas.
    • Use a natural gas furnace, boiler, or water heater.
    • Own your own home.
    • Upgradable home must be within either Enbridge or Union Gas franchise area.


    To Complete The Program:

    • You must do an energy audit before and after your home renovations.
    • Complete at least two of the recommended upgrade renovations.

    What Are The Rebates For And How Much Are They?

    Up To $2000

    Up to $1000 for adding at least R23 insulation to 100% of your basement.

    Up to $1500 for additional wall insulation of at least R9 to 100% of the building.

    Up to $500 for increasing attic insulation to a minimum of R50.



    Replace a 94% or less efficient furnace with a natural gas furnace with 95% or higher efficiency.

    Replace a 89% or less efficient boiler with a 90% or higher efficiency boiler.



    Replace your water heater with a tankless system that is 82% or higher efficiency.



    Rebate for each window, door, and skylight replaced with an ENERGY STAR model.


    There is a lot of potential savings for home owners who are current clients with Enbridge or Union Gas but nothing for home owners who aren’t. With the Liberal Government now in power they have eluded that a rebate program of a similar nature will be made available to all home owners throughout Canada. The previous EcoEnergy rebate program was such a hit with home owners it wouldn’t surprise me if we see something very similar to that launched soon. Lets keep our fingers crossed.


    Take note, this is the fine print taken from both gas company websites

    Limited time offer. Available to Union Gas and Enbridge Gas residential customers in Central and Southwestern Ontario. Must complete at least two upgrades. Maximum of 120 days between the first and second assessment allowed. Program expires Dec. 31, 2016. Rebates available on first come, first served basis.

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